Today’s Blogging 101  and Writing 101 assignments are really fun and I wrote way too much to make them one post. So here’s the blogging post first. For this assignment we’re supposed to work on our blog titles and/or taglines or write a post about what inspired our blog title. I’m going with the latter here since I don’t desire a tagline and am very happy with my title.



So then, how did I come up with Dancing in Glitter? You may have noticed that this blog isn’t about dancing and I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the word “glitter” before this post. Well I actually wasn’t trying to come up with a name for my blog because my blog didn’t exist and I hadn’t even thought of starting one.  I was writing up a submission for a crochet/knit challenge group on Ravelry, the basic idea was to make a project and tie it into something you regretted not getting to do, I ended up going in an entirely different direction with my write-up but one line that I’d wrote stuck with me. The write-up was about dancing as a snowflake in a production of The Nutcracker, unfortunately I didn’t get to do it and I was especially disappointed because I’d been looking forward to getting to dance as glittery “snow” drifted down from on high and swirled gently around me and all the other dancers. The image of “dancing in glitter” stuck with me and, I have no idea why, but I suddenly decided it would be the perfect name for a blog and I should really start one, so I did 🙂

To me, dancing in glitter is about being free and feeling beautiful. Because that’s how I always felt on stage, there was power and longing behind my movements and I never wanted those moments to end, I felt like I’d found the place I belonged and that I could do anything that I wanted, as long as I was willing to work for it.

Sadly my dance ambitions died a horrible lingering death…. but my art has done a pretty good job of helping me to realize I could still do something I love, I’ve just got to work even harder because, unlike with dancing, I don’t have much natural talent and I’ve never had formal lessons.

It’s rainbow-colored now, instead of just white, but I’m still dancing in that glitter. It’s a bit different but just as exciting and empowering and I want to share a little bit of that journey.

Hence the blog, and the title 🙂