Love from Me

Dear Dig,

You may have noticed that the letter writing prompt from Writing 101 has me in a bit of tizzy; there are just so many ways I could go and how do I decide which one? I’m an avid letter writer who seldom has the chance to write to anyone. Even for this prompt I had to stop and think more about who I could write to instead of what to write about. But who better to write to then one’s self?

It’s always good to check in. And I suppose I’m not too bad, my hands are hurting me and I’m lacking the energy required to have motivation, but those are both normal things for me now and I’m learning to deal with them.

I know you’re struggling with your future plans and are worried and stressed about a lot of things but, as the above letter that I whipped up on Pixl says; live life out loud. Keep fighting and stay sparkly.