Ever seen something on Pinterest and said to yourself “that looks easy, I could totally do that!” I do that a lot actually but I seldom actually do it. Seriously, you should see my craft board or my two sewing boards, crochet board, knitting board, tatting board, mixed media board…. you get the idea. Anyway, I really should do more with all this inspiration so I chose a simple project that would allow me to try two of my pins out. It’s a paper covered bottle that uses, simply, scrapbook paper and mod podge. There wasn’t actually directions (the link took me to a defunct blog, sadly) but it wasn’t hard to figure out and I love the results! The other pin I used for this one was a homemade mod podge recipe which I’m not 100% sure about, the recipe is 1 part white glue (I used Elmer’s school glue) and 1 part water, it works great as an adhesive and I think it will help protect the bottle as long as I’m not too rough with it but it doesn’t really look like something that’s been mod podged. Maybe if I’d tried the glossy version which adds 1 Tbs. clear varnish, but I didn’t have any varnish on hand. Still, I love my bottle and will probably make several more. I might as well, I have tons of scrap paper and the bottle is just an empty and cleaned sparkling water bottle so this is a really cheap project with lots of potential for different looking bottles.


I chose these colors because they’ll work great for an “eclectic” birthday party I’m throwing for a dear family member in December, I think this will be part of the centerpiece, it’ll look great with the mini Bundt cakes and the African baskets.