Wait, are you saying the first blog post doesn’t have to be awkward???? How come I never knew this? I’ve blogged before and believe me, I’ve never managed a first post that wasn’t awkward. I mean, introducing myself to potential readers is hard. I wouldn’t go up to a person on the street and immediately start talking about my likes and dislikes, or what I might intend to think (and therefore write) about in the coming weeks. But I guess introducing myself on a blog isn’t really the same thing as introducing myself in person. So here goes:

Hi! Welcome to my blog, around here I generally get called Dig (well, no I don’t because no one has ever been around here before, but that’s what you can call me 🙂 ). I’m a 20-something female who has no idea for sure what she’ll blog about. But I like to ramble about things and this is probably where those ramblings will go. Join me! Or not! As you choose.

(The last part of this post is borrowed shamelessly from my About page)

I’m a hippie, dreamer, and book lover. I obsess equally over TV shows and good food. I believe in magic (I am a witch after all!), fairies, and love. I’m a nature-worshiping pagan who is more spiritual than actually religious. I practice yoga and ballet. I love to crochet, listen to music, and travel. I’m a serious DIY-er and artist with a love of historical clothes, costumes, and masks.

I don’t claim to be good at any of the things I just said I could do, but I’m always learning, and really, isn’t that the fun part? 🙂