I’ve been “commissioned” by a friend to make her a dress for her Halloween costume. She’s dressing up as Lily Munster from the classic TV show The Munsters. I love the TV show, I mean it’s goofy and campy but hey :shrugs: it’s funny too! And Yvonne¬†De Carlo, who played Lily, is gorgeous. I may or may not have occasionally envied Lily’s beautiful wardrobe and hair…. Okay, I definitely have! I’m thrilled to be making one of her dresses. Lily actually did have more than one but I think the one most people remember best is the one she’s wearing in this picture:


I have to admit, although I’m not without sewing experience, I’ve never made a dress. I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed that this turns out well. Today was a good day to go shopping for everything, JoAnn’s had several good sales and I had coupons. Even so, this is going to be an expensive Halloween costume, I haven’t figured it up yet but the fabric alone was about $50.


I’m using the light grey for the main part of the dress and the darker for her “batwing” sleeves which are going to be detachable, it won’t be exactly like Lily’s but it’s what my friend wanted and I think it will look really good (if I manage to do it right!).

I’d originally planned to use the B4571 Floor Length Dress¬†from Butterick as I’d seen a blog post where the lady had made a Lily Munster dress from it and her version was lovely. But JoAnn’s didn’t have the pattern in the right size so I ended up with this:


The red dress is the pattern I’ll go by, I actually think it looks closer to Lily’s dress anyway.

Alright! Those are my plans, please wish me luck! I feel like I’m going to need it.