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Too Young, Too Old.

I’ve been listening to Sabrina Carpenter’s album Eyes Wide Open she seems like a younger version of Rachel Platten. Although I like Sabrina’s music very much, I think I relate better to Rachel’s, maybe because Eyes Wide Open has a recurring theme of Sabrina saying she’s not too young for love or to know what she wants (I agree, she isn’t) but I’m a bit too old for anyone to say I don’t know my own heart or mind because of my age (though that doesn’t stop people from trying).

Sometimes I kind of want to turn some her lyrics around to say I’m not too old, because I’m not too old for young love (is anyone really?) or to try something new and different (purple hair anyone?). And sometimes it’s the exact opposite because I’m not too young to know what I want from life, relationships, etc. nor am I too young to understand how unfair the world can be (though I’d like to get back some of my innocence on that last one).

Oftentimes it’s “you’re too young to do that” or “don’t you think you’re a bit old to act like that?”. What exactly is the right age where we can act however we want and do what we like without someone commenting on our age? I feel like it should be whatever age we are now. Why should anyone be limited by their age? How old you are has nothing to do with your aspirations or even your maturity level. I admit it, oftentimes I’m not very mature and those are the times I tend to enjoy the most. I can “Adult” when I have to be mature and get things done but it isn’t necessarily something I enjoy. A good mixture of maturity and immaturity seems to me to be the key to both, getting through, and enjoying life.

This slightly rant-y post is brought to you by a mid-twenty something girl who is tired of being told to act her age, especially when other peoples’ ideas of “acting her age” don’t really jive with her’s. She is nowhere near ready to “settle down” or start a family, nor is she too old to collect (and by that she means play) with stuffed animals.

And to end this post on a different note; my favorite song from Sabrina Carpenter’s lovely first album is We’ll be the Stars and here’s the video for it:

Pin Up Style: Cool Videos

Just saw these videos and had to share.

First off; kudos to Buzzfeed Australia for doing these awesome videos! I like how they’re showing people that, regardless of gender or body size/shape, anyone can rock a pin up look. In my opinion pin up is all about feeling sexy and confident, whether that means a tight dress and bright lipstick or a black leather jacket and a pair of cool sunglasses.

I really love pin up style. Pin up, rockabilly, and vintage styles are some of my favorites to incorporate into my everyday wardrobe. And I’d totally wear that red outfit in the women’s video, pure gorgeousness!

I’d love to do a pin up photo shoot. If I ever do I’ll probably have to make my own outfit, no shops around here would have all the appropriate stuff in my size. Hot Topic actually does stock some accessories that would be awesome for pin up, but usually in Hot Topic I spend all my money on Doctor Who stuff so…. What little pin up-type stuff that I have is stuff I usually make myself.

But I think making my own outfit completely from scratch would just make it more fun and I could go as crazy as I wanted to… or not. Simple can be pretty too! 🙂

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